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    1. Terms of Use 3ΜΕ SIGN ΕΠΕ

    The owner and operator of this site is the company called «3ΜΕ SIGN ΕΠΕ ΜΗΧΑΝΗΜΑΤΑ ΚΑΙ ΥΛΙΚΑ ΜΕΤΑΞΟΤΥΠΙΑΣ ΨΗΦΙΑΚΩΝ ΕΚΤΥΠΩΣΕΩΝ - ΘΕΡΜΟΜΕΤΑΦΟΡΑΣ» with the distinctive title «3ΜΕ SIGN ΕΠΕ» (the company). Our headquarters are located at 27-29 G. Tsontou, Str., 54627 Thessaloniki, for any questions, queries, or clarifications regarding these terms and conditions of this contract, or for comments and complaints about our site, please contact us by one of the following ways mentioned below:

    Via Mail to: 27-29 G. Tsontou, Str., 54627 Thessaloniki

    Via telephone: 2310 524360-1

    Via e-mail:

    Via Mail to: 184 – 186 Kallirois Str. & 157-159 Dimofontos Str., 118 52, Ano Petralona

    Via telephone: 210 34 17 280-2

    Via email e-mail:

    Before using this site and the services we provide through it, users / visitors are requested to read carefully and comply with the following terms and conditions (the "Terms") governing the use of our online store and web sites containing, which binds all visitors and users. The site user / visitor automatically accepts these Terms if he chooses to enroll as a member of the site. The use of our e-shop and the services we offer requires unconditional acceptance of these Terms by users / visitors. In the event that a user / visitor disagrees with these Terms, he / she is required not to use this site. The company has the right at any time and without notice to revise, modify or abolish these Terms unilaterally. Such changes, modifications, additions or deletions to the Terms of Use will be effective immediately following their communication which may be given by any means, including but not limited to the posting of new Terms of Use on the Website.  Any use or continued use of the Website and online store after such change or modification or renewal or revision shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by users or visitors of such changes, modifications, additions, deletions, etc. These revised terms will exceed all previous versions of the Terms of Use. The company reserves the right to modify, suspend, discontinue, restrict the use of, change any portion of this Website at any time and without notice or liability.

    1.1. GENERAL

    The Website shall be used exclusively for lawful purposes and in a way that will not restrict or prevent the use by third parties and the user / visitor of this Website is obligated to use it in accordance with the law and the present terms of use and shall not commit any acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction and may adversely affect or endanger the provision of services provided through the Website to citizens. This website and the services provided through it are for adults only. The use or conclusion of transactions by minors is not allowed.

    3ΜΕ SIGN ΕΠΕ strives to maintain and ensure the availability of the site and its content. The company is still entitled at any time and without notice to alter the nature and content of this site and to suspend or interrupt temporarily or permanently its operation without prior notice. Operation of this site may also be interrupted or suspended or impeded for reasons beyond the control or will of 3ΜΕ SIGN ΕΠΕ.

    The company makes every effort to ensure the accuracy, completeness, validity and clarity of the information and the general content of this site. However, the company does not guarantee, nor is it liable to users / visitors, for the security and content of the site. Users / visitors to this site accept 3ΜΕ SIGN ΕΠΕ inability to control all of its content and the services offered through it. Furthermore, the company does not warranty that the use by users / visitors of the site, information, data or materials contained in its content does not infringe third party rights.


    Users / visitors who do not trust the company are advised not to visit or use this site or the services offered through it. Users / visitors are also required to use protection software against Trojan horses, viruses (antivirus), or other malicious programs (malware) and data. The company is under no circumstances responsible for any legal (civil and / or criminal) claims, nor for any damages (positive, special or incidental, which are indicative and not restrictive, alternatives and / or cumulative loss of profits, data , loss of earnings, monetary satisfaction, etc.), which arise for users / visitors of this site, or for third parties, for reasons connected with the operation or not and / or use of the website and / or inability to provide services and / or information available through it and / or any unauthorized third party interventions in products and / or services and / or information made available through it. In addition, the company is not responsible for any damage or harm, or infection by electronic viruses and / or other malware, to the computer or other electronic means used by a user / visitor to access this site, nor is it liable for damage related to inability to perform, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay of operation or transmission or system line drop, etc. For any problem that occurs during the use or the visit, the user / visitors are required to contact directly the third party providers for anything that arises from the visit or use of their websites. Referrals of the user or visitor to other websites are provided only for the convenience of users and visitors, therefore in no case should 3ME SIGN Ltd. accept or assume any responsibility for the content or services of the pages to which it refers or connected in any way.

    The company is not liable for damages from the use of products ordered and are due to incorrect choice by the user, careless or incorrect use of the product, (or at the fault of the manufacturer) such as incorrect construction, incomplete information or instructions on the characteristics and how to use of products, quality of construction, safety of materials and real defects.

    In the event of a defective product, our liability is limited to the obligation to replace it, provided that the product return conditions are met. 3ME SIGN Ltd. is not responsible for deficiencies in the availability of products due to force majeure, weather events, fire, suppliers' strikes and generally for any reason that cannot be attributed, directly or indirectly through the fault of 3ME SIGN Ltd. 3ME SIGN Ltd. is not responsible for any temporary or permanent inability to provide its services and for delays in the acceptance and execution of orders and delivery of ordered products for reasons not attributable to its fault, such as reasons of force majeure, natural disasters, emergency, strikes, fire, malfunctions of the cooperating courier companies, accidental deterioration or destruction of the products before delivery to the customer and after delivery to the consignee, illegal interventions of the counterparty or third party, malfunction of the Provider or the terminal equipment of the user, incorrect provision of data by the user and in general for any incident that prevents the smooth fulfillment of its contractual obligations. The liability of the company is limited to its obligations under the contract with the consumer and will make every effort to meet them, within a reasonable period of time.

    As long as the standard precautionary measures were taken the company is not responsible for the event of a delivered product in poor condition. This online store provides the content (e.g. information, names, photographs, illustrations, etc.) products and services available through this website, as is, without any warranty expressed or implied in any way whatsoever. Also, the company does not guarantee that the content of this website and the quality of the services provided through it will meet the needs, requirements and expectations of its users / visitors. 3ME SIGN Ltd., its management, employees or associates bear no responsibility for any direct, indirect, accidental, incidental or consequential damages caused by accessing or using this website.

    3ME SIGN Ltd. bears no responsibility whatsoever for any legal (civil and / or criminal) claims, nor for any loss (positive, special or consequential which indicatively and not restrictively, alternatively and / or additively consists of loss of profit, data, lost profits, compensation, etc.), suffered by users / visitors of this website or by third parties due to the functioning or not and / or the use of the website and / or the failure to render services and / or information provided by the website and / or any inadmissible interventions of third parties in products and / or services and / or information available through the website in any case.

    Furthermore, 3ME SIGN Ltd. is not liable for any damage or loss or infection by electronic viruses and / or other malicious programs, to the computer or other electronic means used by users / visitors to access this website, nor is liable for any damage related to execution failure, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay of operation or transmission or system line drop, etc. This website, in order to facilitate and serve its users / visitors, may provide, inter alia, connection through hyperlinks or advertising banners, with web pages and third-party websites, whose content, privacy policy, security policy, completeness and quality of services provided or conditions of use, 3ME SIGN Ltd. cannot guarantee or be held responsible for. Users / visitors assume full responsibility for the connection to these websites and web pages.

    These third parties, providers of those websites and web pages, have full (civil and criminal) responsibility for the security, legality and validity of the content of their websites and web pages, excluding 3ME SIGN Ltd. from any liability, such as, but not limited to, liability for intellectual property rights or any third party's rights. As a result, users / visitors are required to contact directly the above third party providers for any issue arising from visiting or using their websites and web pages. Although users / visitors of this website accept that 3ME SIGN Ltd. is neither required nor able to check the security and content of both the websites and web pages, as well as the services of the third-party providers to which it provides access, it is nevertheless entitled at any time to remove, modify or discontinue any third-party service or link to third-party websites and web pages, if, at its discretion, the law or these Terms are being threatened or violated.

    Furthermore, users acknowledge and accept that visiting the content pages and using the services of 3ME SIGN Ltd. is likely to expose them to content that is inappropriate, offensive, annoying, immoral, obscene, misleading, illegal, etc. Under no circumstances can 3ME SIGN Ltd. be held responsible for any damage or loss suffered by its users due to their exposure to such content.

    Users access the content and service pages on their own initiative and responsibility. In addition, 3ME SIGN Ltd. advises its users to cross-check the information provided. 3ME SIGN Ltd. does not provide an explicit guarantee that the pages, services, features, options, and contents will be provided without interruption, without errors.

    1.3 Applicable law

    Claims for compensation or pecuniary satisfaction of any nature and legal basis are excluded. Furthermore, any claim for compensation or pecuniary satisfaction of any nature and legal basis in the event of force majeure is excluded.
    The above Terms are subject to Greek law and construed in accordance with the laws of Greece. If any provision is held to be void or voidable by the competent Greek court, it ceases to be valid without affecting the validity of the remaining Terms. Any dispute arising out of the use of this website or relating to these Terms shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of Thessaloniki.

    In case of cancellation or non-application of any term of this agreement, the other terms remain valid and in full force and effect.

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